Semi-permanent eyebrow pigment 100% natural and organic





Eyebrow pigment the professional choice in eyebrows and makeup. It offers 70% more content.


Specialized Cleaning for

Keeping the eyebrows free of impurities, balancing their ph is important to have beautiful and strong eyebrows.

Henna Eyebrow Pigment

Organic BROWS

Eyebrow Pigments

Discover our new and improved semi-permanent eyebrow pigment formulation, combining Native American and Asian plants with 35% henna. This exclusive combination creates a perfect synergy for the care of your eyebrows. We recognize the importance of providing nutrients and natural oils for the proper maintenance of your brows, and our Organic Brows line has been specially formulated to meet those needs. In addition, we have added Basil Oil to achieve a perfect balance that prevents premature loss of eyebrows. Trust our innovative formula for healthy, radiant and naturally beautiful brows.